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advice on setting up an online dating site profile using some of the links on this page; just a few simple rules:

use a good headshot

keep it simple, meaning real info and make it short

do put some effort in creating your profile; some sites can require a lengthy set up but it's important to take the time and get the info on there

once you meet that special someone use our site to find things to do on dates and other ideas to get out and Have Fun!

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from the writers of Cosmo there is a lot that can be said about a guys place, what can you learn from your man's home?

1. Neon beer signs: says he's a party guy, loves to have a good time but probably NOT ready for a serious commitment or relationship.

2. Old sports trophies: chances are your guy has not grown up yet, even worse he may expect you to be like his mother! His primary relationship is probably with her meaning he's a mommy's boy. Cosmo says the wait on this one may be a couple of years!

3. Big dark leather furniture: suggests he won't make room for you because of his huge furniture he might not have room for you, literally!

4. Giant t.v.: large t.v., clean modern furniture, glass coffee table with lots of coasters, if you are not very orderly you may want to take him to your place to see how he reacts to a little disorder and clutter.

5. Vintage furniture: vintage chairs, an old record play, this guy loves his things and they mean something to him. This type of guy probably knows how to wine and dine you, he can appreciate beauty and he must have it when he sees it. He might not be ready for a long term relationship.

6. Dog toys: ok you see a dog bed, leash and a few toys scattered around, could indicate he's ready for a relationship and responsible enough to love someone else. Just be cautious of the player that puts out these items to fake the look. However if it feels right and he treats his pets right, then he should be ready to settle down.

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according to Glamour magazine there are six things your man probably wants to hear in bed? Do you agree? Do you ever say these things? If not what do you say?

1. no one turns me on like you do; 2. you're the best I've ever had;

3. Are you for real; 4. I'm dying to have you inside me;

5. I masturbated/got off to you last night; 6. You're so big!

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Wicked Temptations




 dating rules for men and first date ideas

plus dating advice for the experts, the showgirls of Rick's Cabaret

also check out The Science of Dating

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create your own movie night

get special snacks and goodies

find more movies to go out and see

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AskMen asked the question Do you know how to seduce a woman?

It all starts with the first kiss. The first kiss should be small on the lips, then pull back for direct eye contact. With a deeper kiss you want to move with her, your lips, your tongue try to match her kissing style. This will make her feel she is being kissed by a guy who is in tune with her. Guys need to have confidence and leave her wanting more. When she feels like you want more, guys take a step back. When she believes you know what you are doing, then she will begin to get really turned on.

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Dating Rules for men

courtesy of

1. do not share excessive details about past girlfriends

2. don't seem too enthusiastic, meaning don't act like a stalker

3. don't lead her on and don't rush things

4. do compliment her

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First Date Ideas

1. catered dinner

2. mini golf

3. billiards

4. picnic

5. the beach

6. outdoor/ rooftop dinner

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dating tips from real showgirls of Rick's Cabaret (via MadeMan):

1. Be realistic

2. Be human

3. Take it easy

4. Be good

5. Be natural

6. Be funny, friendly, nice

7. Be careful what you wish for

8. Be honest

9. Be positive

10. Be respectful

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The science of dating from Discover Magazine:

eye contact and smiles, the more eye contact you make the more you are interested in the other individual; and the more or bigger you smile at them the greater the chances they will come talk to you (usually the man going to the woman)



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